Our Philosophy

Bespoke Skincare Solutions

I created Spa Maven for women (and men!) who care about their health and wellbeing; and who believe in the importance and inclusion of superior skincare in that equation. If you want to age gracefully (but know that this takes a bit of work!) and want to take care of yourself for no one other than YOU, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

At Spa Maven, we value our clients. We love your willingness to invest in yourself and want to help you through the provision of honest, personalized advice; online tools (created by experts!) and the very best skin care products. Our online store is carefully curated by Stacey and features only the very best in skin care and beauty lines. These are all products we’ve been fortunate enough to use in our spas, and are internationally appreciated for their effectiveness and quality, by both us—as master estheticians and skin care providers—as well as by our discerning clients. There is not a single item in store that we personally haven’t tried nor would hesitate to recommend.

We encourage you to start with a personalized custom consult, but understand that may not be for everyone, in which case, we invite you to read our Skincare Basics and then visit our online store, where we list (in detail) a variety of tested, superior product lines to meet your skin care needs.