Back To Earth - Pain Be Gone


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What it is:

Tired of sore muscles? Then feel the power of this Award-Winning Pain Be Gone. Feel as it digs deep with an icy-hot sensation for instant relief for deep, painful aches and pains.


  • · Health Canada Approved
  • · soothing relief for neck, shoulders, back & legs
  • · deep heat massage therapy
  • · relief of achy, swollen, tired feet and calves
  • · helps to heal bruises and joint inflammation
  • · relief of juvenile growing pains
  • · relief of congestion and headaches

How to use it:

Rub on chest, neck, and temples to aid in congestion relief. As an added bonus, apply on swollen feet, for headaches, growing pains, achy leg syndrome, or use for an invigorating body massage. Rub on first, then feel the cool, cover-up and let it heat deeply while your muscles relax.

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