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What it is: iS CLINICAL Poly-Vitamin Serum is an intensive, reparative formula designed to hydrate, regenerate and repair the skin, while delivering essential vitamins and bio-nutrients to the cells.

This amazing serum has been proven to show significant improvements in skin quality of patients that suffer the most compromised skin conditions, including those who have undergone radiation and chemo therapies.

iS Clinical Poly Vitamin Serum is formulated to ensure delivery of bio-nutrients, essential vitamins, and anti-aging antioxidants (vitamins B3 & B5) - all essential for cellular metabolism.  This reparative combination regenerates, hydrates, and enhances the skin's microcirculation.  Usage is also recommended for all ages and skin types.

  • Enhances skin microcirculation and revitalizes environmentally-compromised, aging skin
  • Reinvigorates skin's elasticity and skin tone
  • Aids in maximizing cellular regeneration and efficiency
  • Helps in treating dermatitis (including dermatitis from radiation)
How to use:
Apply sparingly to clean skin, smoothing over face and neck (or as directed). In soeme cases, a temporary flushing of the skin may occur. For best results, follow complete iS Clinical skin care regimen.

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