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Youth Eye Complex


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What it is: iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is the latest scientific breakthrough to combat signs of aging around the eye area at a cellular level, using "intelligent proteins." Clinically proven, these proteins help with the generation of new skin and target damaged areas. As a result, skin is better able to resist further damage and is now stronger.

Immediately, the smoothing and plumping of the eye area is experienced instantly, resulting in diminished fine lines and wrinkles.  Under-eye circles are diminished. Elastin and collagen synthesis are increased and continuous, strengthening the structure of skin, reducing wrinkles even further.
  • Helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye area
  • Reduces under-eye wrinkles rapidly
  • Provides powerful, yet gentle antioxidant protection
  • Improvements in firmness, elasticity, and hydration of skin
  • Soothes and brightens the under-eye area

    How to use:

    Apply a small amount (1/2 pump) to the palm of hand. Using fingertips, dab and smooth evenly over outside areas of eyes, brow bone and delicate under-eye area. Avoid inner corners of eye.

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